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This Page is current as of  Dec 19, 2019

Club Purpose:

The Golden Hills Mustang Club, established in 1982, is a nonprofit organization, the purpose of which is to promote the admiration, ownership, care and maintenance of the Ford Mustang Automobile - regardless of model year.

The club provides a social group for the members whereby they can meet, socialize and maintain a spirit of good fellowship, and participate in activities including the use of their Mustang.

The club serves as a medium for the exchange of ideas, information and parts and is dedicated to furthering the interest of owners and drivers of the Ford Mustang.


Club Meetings:

The Golden Hills Mustang Club meets every fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

Location of and directions to meeting place

Club Newsletter:

The Golden Hills Mustang Club publishes the newsletter, Pony Tales, monthly. It is sent to all club members. Included in the newsletter are many of the things seen here on the webpage and a few things that some members do not want publicized, like why they received the legendary H.A. Award! Let us know if you need a copy or have an idea for Pony Tales, by writing to us: Golden Hills Mustang Club . Got a story, Car of the Month, ad, or article for Pony Tales? Send it to the Newsletter Editor.

Club Event Hosting:

If you are interested in hosting an event for the club. Please view and copy the helpful process guide. Event process guide

Club Forms and Bylaws

Click Here For Forms Page

Click here for Club Bylaws


Club Officers: Board of Directors:
President: Sue Calvert

 Danny Cordeiro

Vice President: Dan McCabe

 Frank Lopez

Secretary: Bob Fentress

 Don Mceachern

Treasurer: Brian Evans

 Peter Mitsopoulos 

Past President: Kathy Loya

 Isabella Schneider

 Nick Loya

  Chairperson positions:

Sunshine: Yvonne Westberg

Newsletter: Norma McCabe


Parade Chairman: Brian Evans

Historian: Ileine Burke


Raffles: Cyndy Lamphiear & Lisa Mitsopoulos

Food Drive: Cyndy Lamphiear

Membership: Norma McCabe

Publicity: Harold Joines

2021 Car Show Chair: Don McEachern

Webmaster: Terry Burke

2021 Car Show Co-Chair: Robin Paulsell

Club Items: Ileine Burke

Circulation: Bill Herman

Scholarship: Frank Lopez

Pony Express to our Troops: Frank Lopez

Name Badges: Norma and Dan McCabe

Information: Dan McCabe

Techincal Director: Bill Banovitz

Veterans Liaison: Bill Davis



"The Friendliest Little Club"

Need more information? Email or write us:

The Golden Hills Mustang Club

P.O. Box 497
Fairfield, CA 94533