How to host an event.

An event is any activity that you would like to organize and invite club members/guests to share.

The process:

1. Determine the date and check with the event calendar and a club officer. it may need to be presented to the board. (the calendar is available at the club meeting or website.)

2. Get approval and present your event at the next general meeting. Provide a sign-up sheet. Club form available. Sign up Sheet

3. Plan to communicate with the club and outside contacts to build member participation and support from the event location.

4. Prior to the event day call/email each participant. Conduct pre-event meeting if necessary. Have an event participation/point sign-up sheet available that you will turn in to the club V.P. at the next meeting. (The event participation/point form can be obtained at the monthly meetings.

5. Meet at a designated location and time. Enjoy the event -- Food, Fun, Family, Photos, and Ford Mustangs.

6. Write up a news article ASAP and submit to the newsletter editor prior to the publication deadline.

7. Present a verbal report at the next general meeting and submit the completed event participation/point sign-up form to the club V.P. (Points will only be given when this form is returned).