The History of the Golden Hills Mustang Club

The Golden Hills Mustang Club (GHMC) was organized in approximately January 1982 by Gil Baumgartner. Gil, who at the time was the national club historian for the T-Bird Club of America, had a desire to begin a club for Mustangs. After contacting the Mustang Club of America for information on how to do so, Gil and a few friends who were also Ford Mustang enthusiasts--about six to eight families--adopted bylaws, elected officers and began holding club meetings. By about the third meeting, application was made to the Mustang Club of America for membership; membership was granted and the Golden Hills Mustang Club became the MCA's very first regional club west of the Rockies!

The club maintains a wonderfully varied membership--many members are very knowledgeable about the history of the Mustang automobile; others have a great deal of technical knowledge; some are excellent organizers; and some are very creative. One thing's for sure: a combination like that makes for a very enthusiastic and fun group! The club still retains some of its original members, many of whom were so key to its establishment and to its longevity.

The club has maintained long-lasting friendships and associations with other West Coast clubs. Such friendships and associations are very valuable to any club. A shining example of what can come from them is the Ford Motor Company-sponsored full concours Mustang show jointly held by the Golden Hills Mustang Club, the Vintage Mustang Owners Association, the Mid Valley Mustang Club, the Diablo Valley Mustang Club, and the Sierra Mustang Club at Cal Expo, Sacramento, California, in 1984, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Ford Mustang automobile. From all accounts, this show was an outstanding achievement--one of which the GHMC is extremely proud to have been a part. Some 362 entrants from throughout the western region participated--including twelve from the GHMC, many of which took home awards ranging from "Best of Show" to "People's Choice." Also worthy of note is the joint restoration of a 1966 coupe by the GHMC, the Diablo Valley Mustang Club and the Sierra Mustang Club of Sacramento. The coupe was raffled away in 1983 at the Sierra Mustang Club of Reno's "Reno Roundup" annual car show and the proceeds therefrom, equally divided among the clubs which performed the restoration, were then donated to charitable causes. More recently, is the GHMC's participation with the Sacramento Area Mustang Club in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Mustang automobile at the California State Fair. Several GHMC members loaned their Mustangs for display at the "Mustang Memories" exhibit and many more helped to staff it, answering questions relative to the Mustang automobile.

The GHMC's original stated purpose was the preservation and restoration of the early Mustang automobile years 1964 through 1973. Today, the GHMC continues to promote the admiration, ownership, care, and maintenance of the Ford Mustang automobile; however, as the magic of the Mustang continues, the GHMC has expanded its purpose to include all Mustang automobiles--regardless of model year. The club boasts a variety of model years and includes Shelbys, Mach I's, a Saleen, and three 1994 Indy Pace Cars. The GHMC has been involved with the community from its inception: first-year activities included local parades, a toy drive, car displays, a rally in conjunction with other clubs, and more.

Over the years, the club has continued its community involvement and has continued to enjoy many fun-filled activities--such as parades, rallies, barbecues, car shows and displays, burger runs, campouts, swim parties, tours, annual breakfasts, picnics, technical seminars, and much, much more. And because the club is a nonprofit organization, the GHMC has historically made donations of time and/or funds to various charitable causes--including the California Association of Highway Patrolmen Widows and Orphans' Trust Fund, seniors' organizations, Special Olympics, D.A.R.E., and other local organizations. The club's "Biggest Little Car Show" has become a most important annual activity. A great deal of planning goes into this all-Mustang car show, the first of which was held April 23, 1983, at Dick Lewis Ford, Vacaville, California. The club has several MCA certified and/or Gold Card judges among its members and preparations for the show each year include intense judging seminars for correctness and uniformity. In its third year, the club gained sponsorship from Ron DuPratt Ford, Dixon, California.