Tina & Greg Nies’ 2007 GTCS Convertible

It all started one day in August of 2015, when we attended a car show with our friends Mark and Sherri Pastor. We were so excited and wanted to do more car stuff, but we didn’t have a Mustang. 
      We did our internet homework and sought out a few to go visit personally and out of about 5 really good ones. We came back to the dealership in Richmond and purchased our first Mustang. Within a month after that car show. 
     We ended up with 2007 GT/CS convertible Redfire. We thought a convertible would be a fun choice in a weekend car. What we have noticed the difference in a CS is the two-tone interior and of course the badging. 
      Since owning this bad ass car, we have added some parts that make this horse run smoother, and we have changed the exhaust. It has Borla Stingers, AIRAID Cold Air Intake, Mickey Thompson wheel package, Roush lowering & suspension kit and some more other performance pieces. 
     When I went to show off the car to Mark, he was telling me all the groups and clubs to get involved with. So I started signing up for the Red Mustang Registry and it asked what the name of my car was. As a joke I said, what about NOTA9ER? - Due to the color of the car mimicking 49er uniform colors. Ha Ha. Since I’m a die hard Raider fan I thought it was funny and it stuck. Hence my license plate. 
      NOTA9ER has been to quite a bit of car shows, won some awards. Show it off on many Facebook groups. Also enjoy the weekend run to somewhere fun with the group. 
       If I didn’t have such a long commute/traffic and park in a gravel lot. I would drive my pony more to work. 
I hope you enjoyed our story !