Dan & Norma McCabe's 69 Fastback

It was 3 a.m. on a Thursday morning in June of 1997 when I saw an ad for a ’69 Mustang Fastback. I was getting ready for work and I woke Norma up to ask her to call on this car. “Now?” she asked, half asleep. I thought about it and told her to wait until daylight. She called at a reasonable hour and was told that the car was sold. She said that we were disappointed because we love that model and we belong to a Mustang club. He said, “Since you belong to a Mustang club, you can come right over”. Norma called me at work but I couldn’t get off until the afternoon. It was a long day! Finally, we drove to the Napa address he gave us and there it was in the driveway!
One look and we knew we wanted it. It is Candy apple red, has black interior, 351 Windsor, FMX, Power Steering, Power disk brakes, and a console. Up grades are 15” Magnum 500’s, a hood scoop with turn signals and a chin spoiler. It showed 68,000 miles and we learned that those were original miles. The owner’s manual was still in the glove box! The owner was a director at the Towe Ford Museum in Sacramento and this car had been on display there for several years. Norma and I were interviewed about what plans we had for this Mustang and we responded with “keep it stock”. That was the right thing to say as he accepted my first offer. He said he wanted us to have this Mustang because he knew we would take care of it.
We have taken this Mustang to shows in Reno, Redding, and all around the Northern California area. Some of the more interesting outings are: The San Francisco Giants & Ford put it on display along with a new GT in 1999 at Candlestick Park; it was one of the Mustangs featured at the 40th Mustang Anniversary Display at Yountville’s Fathers Day show @ Vintage 1870 and it is currently in a local TV ad for 7 Flags Car Wash. It now has a little over 83,000 miles and we still get the biggest kick out of driving this car. That is evident when you see our license plate: