Terry & Ileine Burke's 2019 Mustang GT 5.0

  One sunny day my dear sweet husband came to me and said. “I’ve been thinking. . .” (I know, I was like, “UH OH”) He said he thinking about selling my 2011 and his 2014 to buy a 2019 Mustang GT.
  Let me tell you first, that our daughter Michelle had just purchased a new GT and I think Terry was in love with the sound of that new GT and it was RED his favorite color. . . He was smitten to say the least. . . We won’t mention that when I drove it the first time I told Michelle, “ I want one!”
  I think Michelle told her that Dad I wanted one, so it began in August. We called Kevin at Napa Ford. He said, “Bring them both in so we can look at them and see what we can give you for both cars. So off we go to Napa Ford with both Mustangs. . . little did we know when we drove up that two people wanted our cars before we even entered the showroom to talk about the new 2019. We spent most of the day at Napa Ford searching for a Mustang that we both liked. They found one in Stockton, so we let go of the 2011 and the 2014 so we could have a 2019 GT. Oh ,and you ask whose daily driver is this new GT?   I’ll give you one guess who drives that new GT on a daily basis. . . and, I love it!           By Ileine Burke