Sue Calvert's 2003 V6

                                                                           A Tale of Two Mustangs
 Once upon a time, Sue had a nice, little IRS re-fund check burning a hole in her pocket, so she de-cided to look for a little commuter car to take the pressure off her 2012 convertible. That I-680 corridor commute to & from Walnut Creek every day was going to put her ’12 in an early grave. She looked at Hondas, Toyotas and Nissans – oh my! It was discouraging to realize that anything in her price range was already falling apart. So, she and her friend, Eugene, decided to take a break from car shopping and have some lunch. After a nice meal away from Roseville’s auto row, Eugene convinced her to go back to the friendliest Mom & Pop Lot in Roseville just one more time. Lo & Be-hold…in the front of the car lot sat this shiny, sil-ver ’03 MUSTANG! Sue & Eugene looked at each other in disbelief! That car wasn’t there an hour earlier! Sue took it for a test drive & the car ran great. It was right in her price range and came with an extended warranty (which Sue has used a few times!)
The little ’03 is living a happy life in Fairfield, where, coincidentally, the Carfax Report had re-vealed that the original owner also lived in Fairfield! Welcome home!