Stephanie & Devin Otto's 1998 SN 95

This is my Noble Steed! He’s a 1998 V6! I turned 16 and landed a job at a supermarket bakery and that’s when I knew it was time for me to start hunting for my very own Mustang! It was love at first sight when I spotted this one in a black and white automobile ads magazine. I quickly set off trying to convince any of my four parental figures to help co sign on a loan so that I could bring him home. My stepdad told me that he would co-sign on a loan but only if I went car shop-ping with him to look at pickups. And after a few days of torture looking at small pickups he surprised me by picking me up from school one day in my new (to me) Mustang!! Since then it’s been an incredible ride. Many nights cruising the beachy roads in Florida and then eventually driving across the country to my first duty station with the Air Force, Travis. Many years of young driver abuse went into this Mustang. The origi-nal color was Dark Satin Green. After having to re-place my door due to being T-boned I had the car painted the silver it is now. Eventually I began to date Devin and EVERY gift whether it be Valentine’s day, Birthday, Christmas, etc - he gifted me parts for my mustang. There probably isn’t much on this Mustang that has not been touched by Devin. Now, clocking in at over 230k miles my Pony still drives like a dream. I love the moments I share with my family in this car. It has grown with me through the last 12 years. I hope to one day be able to pass it on to the kids for them to feel the same joy in it that I do.
By Stephanie Otto