Robin Paulsell's 2015 Mustang GT MI50TH

The story begins in May of 2013 when I first called my Ford Dealer and told him I wanted to be first on his list for the new 2015 Mustang.  Fleet Sales Manager Bill Stephenson said he would start the list and I was #1 on it.  This would be the first Mustang I had ever bought new and it had to be special.  As the owner of a 64 ½ Coupe I was waiting for the 50th and the new body style.  Now I had to think up a name for the personalized license plate and see if it was available.  I decided to keep it simple “My 50th” and went online to the DMV to check if it was available.  Rats!  Someone already had it; probably for some car they got on their 50th birthday I thought so how can I work around it.  That turned out to be easier than I thought, just change the Y to I and bingo “MI 50TH” was born.  The license plate arrived in December 2013 just after Ford released the design of the new 2015 Mustang but it was clear the car would not be available for quite some time.  My salesman and I built the order for a fully loaded Ruby Red GT with 50th Anniversary Package in late April 2014 and it was placed as soon as the order banks opened in May.  Mid August 2014 and the assembly line at Flat Rock starts building new Mustangs but still no Idea when they would get to mine.  Finally my car was assigned a VIN # and I quickly applied for a number in the Red Mustang Registry (RMR).  #4926 was assigned and my car was now the first 2015 Mustang to be in the RMR.  The car was built on October 6th, exactly 50 years and 4 months after my 64 ½ Vintage Burgundy Coupe RMR #3370.  It arrived at the dealer on October 23rd and I picked it up on the 25th 4 days before my Birthday, the best present I ever got!
Robin Paulsell