Robert Fentress 50th Anniversary 2015 Ecoboost 4 Cyl. Mustang

 Many of the big decisions in my life are the result of much pondering and procrastination, and waiting until it “feels right”, including whether to “live a little” with a fun car. I’ve had a lifetime fascination with cars in-cluding the Mustang since 1964, but I’m also very practical. I didn’t want a museum piece, but wanted a sporty car I could use on a regular basis without ex-emplifying conspicuous consumption. The car fascina-tion was rekindled when I saw the new Mustang design for 2015. I test drove an Eco-Boost model and was hooked. Then I started shopping online for a new Mustang equipped the way I wanted it and in the right color – Deep Impact Blue. I found one at the dealer-ship that just happened to be a major GHMC sponsor. I had visited the club’s car shows in the past years and was impressed with the event. So I continued to pon-der and procrastinate. A few months passed and I saw that the car was still available online, so I clicked on the “I’m interested” link figuring that it had been sold. Instead, I was told the car was available. That was the next instance where it “felt right,” and I brought it home later that day. Then I sought a place where I could share my Mustang enthusiasm with other like-minded people so I went to a GHMC meet-ing, the next event that “felt right” and continues to feel right to this day. Driving the Mustang on a daily basis feels better than right – it has lots of pep and gets 32 miles to the gallon. By Bob Fentress