August 2022

Rob Lo’s 1967 Coupe

 My first car in high school was a 1967 Mustang which my girl friend and I purchased for $500.00 back in 1978. It was a daily driver back then. Trips to SoCal, Monterey, even to Lake Tahoe with ski rack on top and used snow chains! In 1983 we drove to Reno, NV to get married and had a sign in back of the Mustang “Just Mar-ried”. Some really cool memories. I stopped driving the Mustang after someone lit my car cover on fire and snapped my antenna. Then it was required to have a smog and would not pass after the last registration was in 1995. I placed it on In-op and would drive it around the block to keep it running. The battery went dead and one of the brakes locked up. It sat there frozen in time. I had bought parts through the years and said I would get it running again. Had many inquiries about our Mustang but never had the heart to sell her. In 2010 my wife of 26 year passed unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm and was in the darkest of times for the past two year and fo-cused on getting my two sons through college and HS plus having a roof over our heads/food on the table. I joined GHMC in 2018 hoping to jump start me on getting her back on the road. Then in 2020 the pandemic hit and this got me going. Every weekend I was at my friend’s machine shop working on the Mustang. 10 months later I finally got her running after several hiccups. Then another year in the body shop for painting back to the original color, Britney Blue. Finally, I am able to enjoy her and join the club on some of the outings. I still have some tink-ering to do but at least she drives. She is officially registered now with 2022 tags! This is a special tribute to my wife Cora as we always loved our Mustang. It will be passed down to my son Nick to remain in the family. My next project will be my 1968 California special. I’d better hurry up. I am not getting any younger! Thanks GHMC for all the Love and support! By Rob Lo