Pat Sivigliano's 65 Fastback

The story started in March of 1992 when Pat and Frank bought Pat’s brother’s beautiful black 1968 Mustang fastback, which Frank quickly claimed as his own. The Mustang was thoroughly enjoyed and driven by both of us.
In 1994 we discovered and joined the Golden Hills Mustang Club. The first event we attended was the Bullitt Run which traced the route of the fa-mous car chase in the movie. Vintage Mustangs from all over the Bay Area gathered at the Presi-dio in San Francisco to begin the run. This fun and historical event cemented our relationship with GHMC.
While attending further GHMC events, we became enamored of a fellow member’s car: Howard Brin-ing’s 1965 Tahoe Turquoise Fastback. At each car display and car show it drew our attention. How-ard had acquired it in 1994 from Scott Burchardt in Alabama. The car arrived at Howard’s house in California on April 1, 1994, where he took posses-sion. He quickly changed out the Oklahoma ZA-O license plate for the California 6T5FB plate. (I don’t know why it had an Oklahoma license plate.) According to the receipts and records on the car, in 1996 Howard did a GT conversion on the mus-tang spending a total of $1,430.21.
Fast forward to December 25, 1999. We had our usual family Christmas gathering, dinner and gift exchange with our kids. After everyone had opened their gifts, it was noticed that there had not been a gift under the tree from Frank to me. Where upon Frank said, “I have your gift outside.” Thinking it was a lawnmower, or maybe a rake, I sarcastically said, “What is it, a car?”
Upon opening the front door, there sat Howard Brining’s 1965 fastback with a huge bow on top that matched the color of the car! I wish I had a picture of the expression on my face.      By Pat Sivigliano