Michelle Bauer's 2018 Mustang 5.0 GT Fastback

  One Day My Husband, Perry called me from a Jeep dealership asking me how I felt about him purchasing a new Jeep Renegade, I was hesitant but ultimately said he could do what he wanted. There was a catch though that he would owe me a new Camaro when my lease was up on my Fusion. I know what you’re thinking, a Camaro!? What!?! but I loved the way they looked and owned one in the past. When the time came for me to go pick out my new Camaro, I went to a Dealership in Fairfield with my daughter Shelby in tow (she worked for Ford by the way) As soon as we hit the lot out comes this salesman, the POOR Soul! We both sat in a few Camaros and I just didn’t like them! I test drove one anyway and it sounded awful! I was not impressed! Shelby told me “Mom go drive a mustang!” I was reluctant to say the least,   disappointed and just bummed my “dream car” was a bust! So off I went to test drive a Mustang. It was love at first rumble. I knew right away this was it, I was going to get a Mustang GT! I did some re-search on what I wanted and ultimately had to order my new Mustang GT.   With the help of Shelby and Bill Stephenson, my new car was being built and I would have it in the longest few months of my life! So here I am a Camaro girl in love with her new Mustang GT! I’m forever changed, you can now call me a Mustang girl!

Michelle Bauer