Michael Taylor's 1966 Convertible

Mustang “Sybil” by Michael Taylor
I acquired Mustang Sybil in 2005 from Manteca Ford. The original owner of Mustang Sybil was a lady named Sybil Donn of Berkeley, California. Mustang Sybil was her daily driver for nearly 40 years. Mrs. Donn maintained meticulous records that were passed on to me. One of the more inter-esting highlights are the amazing gas logs.
She recorded EVERY gallon of gas that she put into Sybil along with the miles. Based on these logs, I can tell when she retired and when she went on vacation. In fact, she put notes in the log book to tell where she went on vacation!

The vehicle was purchased from Golden Bear Motors. Other shops that worked on Sybil include, Eddie Neff’s Brake Shop in Berkeley, Dan Chin Chevron, Mostly Mustangs, Alameda-Oakland Tire and Muffler, Campus Texaco (who painted the car in 1976) and a few others.

Sybil was built in Milpitas in 1965. As I work for Ford, I was able to meet some of the people that worked in Milpitas during the time Sybil was built. This photo was taken inside of the Ford Parts Distribution Center with Milpitas retirees on the day I bought Sybil.
I was not able to find out how Manteca Ford came to acquire Sybil, but I’m glad they did. It was also fortunate that all of the service re-cords were maintained with the vehicle. Since acquiring Sybil, I have done significant res-toration and repairs to the vehicle including complete rebuild of the front suspension, leaf springs, power steering, disc brakes, engine compartment restoration, new carpet, door pan-els, headliner, repainted the dash, added a radio to the glove box, new (65) rims, tires, added dual exhaust (but I have saved the original exhaust), and probably a dozen other things that I have forgotten about.