Mark & Sherri Pastors's 2005 Mustang GT Convertible

Back in 2012, my daily driver was a 1995 Mustang GT that my wife and I had purchased for my oldest daughter Nicole. Nicole had moved on to an SUV and I made the black Mustang GT my own with upgrades. We also had a 1998 Mustang convertible but it met a untimely end around that time. One night, I walked in the bedroom and my wife Sherri was sitting on the bed staring at her laptop. I laid on the bed and watched T.V. not really paying attention to what she was doing. It was when I noticed she wasn't paying attention to her show, that I looked at what she was looking at, Mustangs!! She happened to be searching for a replacement for the 2006 Saleen convertible we owned a few years back. After searching through many cars, she narrowed it down to three yellow ones. The first one was very promising as it was a 2006 coupe with only 6000 miles on it. I called and the guy said it was sold in the first hour of posting it, darn. The second was a 2006 Roush coupe which I drove 60 miles to look at. Upon entering the shop, the car was sitting there and the shop owner was on the phone. While waiting for him, I looked the car over and noticed some alarming things about it. Slick bald tires, an overly worn out driver’s seat and paint that was in poor shape. I walked out without ever talking to him.
      The third and final one was in Lincoln, California. We made it a family outing and drove up there to find a fine specimen. A stock GT convertible, Screaming Yellow with black Le Mons stripes. It appeared in good shape inside and out with only 80,000 miles on the clock. I test drove it and returned to say yes, we'll take it! The first modifications to the Mustang were  Saleen wheels as well as a convertible light bar. From there it was a Steeda cold air intake, GT 500 throttle body, Steeda underdrive pulleys, Steeda lowering springs with Ford Racing struts and Koni shocks. It has a modified exhaust system which includes an X-pipe and Dynomax race mufflers welded midway to give it a unique exhaust tone. The muffler shop also gave me a custom pair of cat-delete short pipes in case I feel the need for louder sounds. To make these parts work their magic, BAMA tunes from American Muscle are used via an SCT tuner with 91 octane performance/race tunes depending on my mood. It has SVE Halo headlights and Raxiom Halo fog lights as well as Raxiom sequential turn signals. We had a JVC DVD/CD player installed and there are some smaller add ons like the flamed shifter ball that lights up or the Killer Glass radiator hose that lights up too. But by far the best upgrade is the Bumblebee under the hood airbrushed on the felt insulator. Larry Alvarez was the artist who also airbrushed the intake cover. In 2015, Bumblebee as we now call him, was keyed all over by some obviously jealous person and had a complete repaint with the vinyl stripes coming off and having them painted on and going from 8" wide to 10" wide. A new top was put on soon afterwards. Sherri and I enjoy going on runs with our friends and entering it in shows. Bumblebee has won many awards and takes compliments well and now has 167,000 on him and is still going strong. Bumblebee is looking forward to whatever comes his way, see you on the road!