Kirk Stafford's 65 Fastback ( "Bad to the Bone")

During the summer of 2001, I thought about getting a classic car to work on and enjoy and decided it had to be a first generation Mustang Fastback.  I liked the Fastback design since it was introduced.  I looked on e-Bay every few days to see what was available and the current prices.  I did not want to purchase one I could not see, so it limited me to local Mustangs.  What were the chances of finding a local first generation Mustang Fastback in decent condition for a decent price?  I looked at several local Mustangs and was just not happy with the way any of them drove.  Then, one Friday I saw a new listing on e-Bay for a 1965 Mustang C code Fastback with some modifications, located in Grass Valley.  I went up on Saturday morning and it handled so much better than any others that I had driven due to being slightly lowered in the front, a bump steer suspension modification and a 5 speed transmission.  Unfortunately the seller had a verbal offer from a buyer in Texas who had called him the night before, so he had to honor it.  I gave him my name and phone number to call if the buyer did not send the promised down payment.  A week later, a call came that the original buyer did not purchase the Mustang. On November 10, 2001, I went back to Grass Valley with a cashier’s check and purchased the 1965 Mustang Fastback.  I drove it home the same day.
I joined the Golden Hills Mustang Club in 2002 but I did not bring my Mustang Fastback to any events for a few years because I was upgrading and modifying it constantly.  As soon as I finished with one modification I would immediately start another. 
Everything system was upgraded or replaced except the 5-speed transmission which was only a year old when I purchased it.  The modifications I have done include  coil-over front suspension and rear reverse-eye 5 leaf springs (lowering it a full 2 inches all around) , rack-n-pinion steering, 302 Ford Racing crate engine, Tri-Y headers and dual 2 ½ inch exhaust, traction-lock differential,  aluminum driveshaft, front disc brakes, billet aluminum wheels. 22 gallon fuel tank, custom steel street-style R front apron, custom pearl black paint with front ghost flames, alarm system, after market air conditioning, power windows and door locks, custom dash, custom interior and many more small modifications.  I did all the work on the Fastback myself except the bodywork and paint.  Every year as new innovations come out, I add at least one new modification.
Over the course of all the modifications, it became very personal project.  I designed and modified it to my own personal preferences, making a one of a kind 1965 Mustang Fastback.  It has been nicknamed “Bad to the Bone”.  We have enjoyed a multitude of car shows, cruises and other club events with our