Jim and Karen Nash's 2015

Mustang: Our story; Jim and Karen Nash
Karen and I were married in June of 1964 in Durham, NC; the original Mustang had been introduced two months earlier.  We admired the car for a year or so, and in 1965 we went to a dealer in Raleigh intending to buy one.  I clearly remember holding the pen to sign the bill of sale but being unable to ‘pull the trigger’; we felt we couldn’t afford it. 
We had a blue ’66 Mustang convertible with spinner wheel covers in the late ‘70’s-early 80’s; we have photos of the kids riding in it.  We know we drove it from Durham/Chapel Hill to Nashville in 1980, but we don’t remember what became of it.  We had a red ‘91 Mustang convertible for a while.  We don’t know what happened to this car either.  As with many of our cars, it was probably traded for something else.   We do remember that we turned it sideways in our icy driveway one winter.  We needed a tow truck on that one.
We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year.  When the drop-dead gorgeous 2015 Mustang came out, with a 50th Anniversary Appearance Package, we couldn’t let the chance go by to dedicate it to our life together.  Our wedding date is on the license plate.