George and Christine Pezzolo's 1966 Coupe

Dan contacted me and asked me if I wanted to share a story about our 1966 mustang for our Golden Hills Mustang Club Newsletter.  Well it all started in 2001 when a former co-worker came to see me on the job at United Airlines Maintenance Center in San Bruno. He said he had a "light" project for me, a 1966 Mustang. I told him I wasn't really interested in building another car. He insisted that it was a "Light" project and insisted that I come look at it. I mentioned this to Christine and she talked me into going to look at it. She said "after all looking wasn't going to hurt. I think she missed us having fun at car shows and with our friends.
            So off we went that next Saturday to Alameda to look at this Mustang. We found the car in a state of disassembly.  All of the interior was ripped out, dash was disassembled, the interior metal work was repainted and all of the new interior parts were in the car with many other new parts. At this point I told Christine "NO" too much work... I also told my friend this was not a "light" project it was much more than what I wanted to get involved with.  BUT then Christine said "ah come on I've seen worse in our garage and you managed to work miracles with your talents and besides it has "AIR-CONDITIONING".  So with a little coaxing from my wife and my friend making the price more feasible I caved in and bought the car.  (After all gotta keep the "MISSES HAPPY"). 
            I went to work taking care of some mechanical problems first. Then I installed power disk brakes up front and new front suspension.  My friend and I put the headliner in and the seat upholstery then I put the rest of the interior back in the car.  Then I got it running in stock form.
            Since those early days of ownership I have installed an AOD transmission, a 380 rear-end and a Ford Racing crate motor.
            After eventfully being talked into joining the Golden Hills Mustang Club by Robin Paulsell.  We took our car to the Mustang's 50th birthday in Las Vegas and the Reno for the National Show last year where the Mustang received a Silver Award.  Just before the Reno Nationals my wife insisted on having headrest installed before she would take another trip with me.
            Our Mustang has been a fun car for us to take to many car shows and runs.  Being part of the Golden Hills Mustang Club has been good for us as we have made several new friendships with other mustang owners.