Drake Wilson’s ‘91 V-8 5-Speed Foxbody

January's Car of the month, started way back in 2001, when my parents joined the GHMC I suppose. For many years I attended meetings with my parents, playing with toys sized Mustangs under and on the tables surrounded by folks that have a passion for the Ford Mustang.
Flash forward to present day and with the influence of my Dad Clif Wilson and Grampa Cliff Wilson, I am now a proud owner of a Mustang myself, continuing our love of these fine automobiles.
My Mustang started out it's life as a hum drum 4cylinder coupe, but has definitely been transformed into what it is today after lots of blood, sweat and years. Without going into too much detail, I'll just let ya know it no longer has the anemic four banger, and now has a fire breathing, full roller, overbored and aluminum head V-8 with a ton of modifications...and then some....all backed up with a 5speed manual transmission. Gone is the stock suspension as well, replaced with high performance components which make it handle like it's on rails. The exhaust has been up-graded to provide a nice loud rap on the streets and the in-terior sports a rear seat delete, a 12" sub for some added boom inside. On the exterior there are a few aftermarket parts with more coming as time and finances allow.
Of course, there are many more plans in the making to create my dream Mustang, to bring it up to it's full poten-tial, and to finish a car that I built with my own two hands, with the help of my Mom and Dad, as well as my friends