Donnie & Lynne McEachern's 2012 Boss 302

  Hi guys. Well, here is how I ended up with the Boss 302. I was with a very good friend of mine who I did a lot of business with when I was in the Auction business for heavy equipment. We became very close fiends and every time I was with Dave I would ask him what he had for sale. Well, we were at a contractors barbeque and were sitting together and again I asked him what he had for sale and was kind of kidding as I know the Mustangs in his collec-tion were well out of my range. He looked at me and said he had just the car for me and would give me the deal of a lifetime. Well, up came the topic on the 2012 Boss 302 and he really got my attention. He told me about the car and I told him I would call him the next day. It is funny that the car was originally delivered to a Ford dealer out East that only sold heavy duty Ford trucks. So the car was put up for auction on the internet and to Dave’s surprise five days later after he had put in his bid he got the call that he had purchased it. So I called him the next morning after the barbeque and said I would purchase it. Funny that I had never asked what color it was but when I saw it the paint was the optional Blaze yellow. Ford only painted 252 that color .The only thing I have done to the car is clear wrap it and lowered it with coilovers. A few months later a good friend, Pat Brandon who is a long time friend of the club said I should join a Mustang club and he knew the one I should join. Well, I will tell you that joining the Golden Hills Mustang Club was a very lucky choice as they are like family to my wife. And the club members are just wonderful friends to be involved with. By the way, the car only has 4,300 original miles on it and has never been washed. No rain. I love to show the car at all the events the club has and the car is a cool ride to drive as it came with every option you could order at the time.
Regards, Donnie