Dave York's 1992 LX Coupe

I purchased my 1992 LX Coupe in May of ‘92 from Raceway Ford in Riverside CA while still on active duty at March A.F.B., CA. At the time, the dealer had a Midnight Blue and Light Titanium Frost (Silver) that both had the 5 speed manual transmission that I wanted. So I chose the silver one, traded in my ‘91 Escort GT, and the fleet manager made me a deal. Driving the new Mustang home, I knew I would be happy with it and most likely keep the car a long time.
Now stationed at Travis A.F.B., CA, I would spend at least one Saturday a month going to Sacramento Mustang, (a Classic and Late model Mustang Parts retailer), to pick up a few parts. One Saturday before I hit the highway to Sacramento Mustang, i drove the ‘92 5.0 to the Vacaville Post Office to mail a letter and in the parking lot I saw several Classic and Late model Mustangs! So I stopped to ask someone, (Mikal Brevig), one of the many people who were standing around their beautiful Mustangs if they were with some kind of group or club. He explained that they were members of the Golden Hills Mustang Club and would soon be driving to an event near Sacramento and invited me to join them on the drive. Of course, I accepted the invite to join the group of Mustangs while they caravan to Sacramento.
That’s how I met, (and joined) the Golden Hills Mustang Club! Since that time, the Mustang has been modified with a few safety and performance enhancements to make it eligible to participate in the Silver State Classic open road race in Nevada. It’s a great feeling to be able to legally drive on a State Highway at speeds just north of 160 mph, in a Mustang that I had prepared, and then drive back home to California without any problems! The ‘92 Mustang was a great investment and continues to be a blast to drive!