Cliff Wilson Sr 'YLRPONY'

'YLRPONY' was my Dad's pride and joy. He loved driving it everywhere he could, especially with his wife, Heidi, by his side. They even drove it to Montgomery, Alabama not too long ago for a memo-rable trip, garnering admiring looks from admirers of the beloved pony cars we all love so much.
This particular 2006 Mustang is a V-6, 'Pony Edition' that has a few mods done to personalize it. Under the hood is a peppy v-6 backed by an auto-matic a K&N filter charger, an Optima Yellow Top battery, (naturally), an aluminum shock tower brace and a couple custom colour matched painted panels to tie in the exterior color under the hood between the grill and core support. The interior retains the stock appearance and the windows are all deeply tinted to help keep things cool on those blazin’ hot days.
The exterior sports some rear brake 'side scoops', white LeMans stripes, body colour matched fog lamps, smoked tail light covers with a matching smoked tail light rear panel. Sequential blinkers were added as well as a stainless steel performance aftermarket muffler to provide a nice deep burble for those many miles of cruising.
Cliff Wilson Sr. was very proud of his Mustang and enjoyed being a proud member of the Golden Hills Mustang Club. The 'YLRPONY' torch has been passed to his wife Heidi after his passing, who now enjoys driving this special car and passes everything on the road....(at least when I'm behind the wheel! )...and to quote my Pop, " Ya gotta blow out that carbon!"
Article by Clif Wilson Jr.
Editor’s note: Cliff Wilson Sr. is one of the members we are remembering with this year’s charity, Pink Heals