Cliff Warrick's 2009 Saleen Racecraft

2009 Saleen Racecraft owned by Cliff Warrick. While
Saleen is most known for their S-281 performance Mustangs, in 2008 and 2009 they built 87 Racecraft Mustangs. The Racecraft contains all the performance and handling upgrades Saleen is known for while retaining
the general outward appearance of a stock Mustang GT. The Racecraft logos and 420S badge on the front fenders are the only outward sign that there’s something special under the hood Cliff’s Torch Red Racecraft is one of 11 that came in that color. Performance upgrades include the Saleen Series VI Supercharger, 39 pound fuel injectors, performance tuning chip and nitrogen suspension system. Interior changes included Racecraft Logo seats and the Racecraft Instrument cluster. Cliff, the first owner of the Racecraft, purchased the vehicle from Napa Ford. He took first place in his category at the 2010 SMS Supercars Concours d’Extravagance car show held at the Saleen facility in Corona California. Many of the attendees at the show had heard of the Racecraft, but had never actually seen one until the show. Steve Saleen autographed the dash of Cliff’s Racecraft during the show.