Clif Wilson’s 1970 Coupe - Frankenstang

 The car of the month is a 1970 Coupe that has been thru a couple transformations since pur-chased by the current 3rd owner some 15 years ago. This particular car rolled off the Ford assem-bly line in San Jose on June 10th 1970, and has been a California car all its life. The car went from a stock Mustang to a mild custom for a sev-eral years, sat in the garage for a few years wait-ing for an engine replacement or a transmission replacement to the car you see today.
 'FRANKENSTANG', now has a new heart un-der the 69 Mustang hood, a full roller 302 with a B303 cam transplanted from a 1989 GT that was built by Drake Wilson. The stock 1970 C-4 trans-mission has been completely rebuilt with a shift kit installed to provide neck snapping shifts with the all familiar tire 'chirp' into 2nd gear. The in-terior remains pretty much like it has for most of its life, sporting reupholstered seats from an 87 Thunderbird, console from a 71 Cougar new floor pans, carpet and dash cover. The door panels, headliner and back seat as well as a few more parts are in great shape and are all as they came in 1970.
 There are many other cool parts from other vehi-cles both stock and aftermarket that have found their way into or onto this car, hence the name it has been given. It creaks, it groans, is reluctant at times, (like the owner) still has drum brakes at all four corners, the steering is a little loose and needs a rebuild but the car is still a joy to drive and will be for a very long time.

By Clif Wilson