Cindi Osbun’s 1966 Coupe

 Where do I BEGIN? Penelope was my 1st car. She was first seen on the car lot, and loved by my dad, and pre-sented to me as a bribe to go to college, the month after I graduated from high school. I went, but I was not excited about college, especially, the secretarial career, that HE wanted for ME, so I wound up paying him back. She was originally, a teal green with a black vinyl top, and a black pony interior back in July 1971 when she was only $1,200.00, at Cortese Ford down in Richmond, Ca. I got broadsided in an intersection, and that had to be fixed, and Dad locked it behind gates until I got a job and could pay him back the de-ductible for getting her fixed. I enjoyed cruising down the main on McDonald each weekend, In 1971/1972,, and I met Neil,, who became my husband. About 2 months after we married in 1974, I was at work, and a guy loading a 3 ton lathe onto a truck they parallel parked beside me, missed the truck, as the forklift driver proceeded to load the lathe onto the truck it slid off the forks, bounced off the truck, and upside down, onto my car on the other side. It was repaired for a cost of $750.00. The back seat, however, bled oil from it, for at least 5 years every summer.
 Neil was driving my car home from work, after we'd moved to Suisun, and he was rear ended by a recycling truck in 1980 and that was repaired and I had her painted a pale yellow, to beat the bad luck green she seemed to be. In the late 80s, she had issues with overheating driving to Sacramento (as Fords do), and cracked her block, when a friend put cold wa-ter in her radiator and tried starting her. American Mus-tang was the shop of choice, by a referral, in the mid 90s to put a new engine in her. She has an 8 cylinder, 302 in her. I started her interior transformation at that time with a white pony interior. I had planned to one day have her painted a stunning royal blue with a painted white top.
 Fast forward to the 2000s. I was by then, divorced, staying with my oldest son, and she was backed into his driveway when there was a flood from an overflowing nearby creek, and it went up into his driveway and into the inside of my car, ruining her carpet and she was not put through any engine and chassis cleaning process, due to a lazy claims adjuster that estimated on the very cheap side, so of course, she rusted up under her carriage, which wasn't corrected as it should have been back then. In 2006, I put her in a local body shop, in Fairfield, just so I could have the car close to me, to be able to watch her progress, which was very little, as the body man there, padded the books for my cars expense, for time spent on something else, and the shop owners squan-dered me, in a shameful grand larceny scheme to the tune of $40,000. They had her there for nearly 2 years. I was not at all happy, yet I wasn't assertive and aggressive where those people were concerned as I should have been. The owner of the property, that the body shop sat on, called me to tell me I should go pick up my car, when she informed me, that she was selling the property. I called the owner of the shop, to set up a time for picking it up. This guy had to walk away from the money invested in the shops equipment and the name, because the owner decided to sell her property his leased shop and bought name, was located, and he didn't even know anything about what was going on with MY car., because he didn't have the paperwork, and said it was locked in another garage that he had no access to. When my son and I went to pick it up, it was literally, IN PIECES, and sit-ting outside. The engine and transmission covered with a tarp, on separated carts. One of my front seats soaked and ruined, from sitting outside, needed replacement. The owner of the truck who towed my disassembled chassis, went through to pick up any and all Mustang parts he thought, went with my car, to take with it, before we left. It had to be towed away from there, on a truck, with its parts placed into the shell, and her doors had to be put on her, so the seats and other parts, couldn't fall out on the drive, the engine, in my son's pick up, as we took her up to American Mus-tang.. She sat there for a few years, under tarps, until I had the money to begin working a little on her. I tried to sue the woman who gouged me that owned the body shop, but I had hired an attorney, who failed to file the lawsuit, so I lost the chance of getting it all back. A mediator was recommended for working towards any kind of settlement between the 2 attorney's, and he was only able to get me $10,000.00 of that back, because of the statue of limitations running out. I also had to agree to getting only $1,000 a month for 10 months, which I put towards her paint job she got, once I decided what color to have her painted.
 American Mustang did a TOP NOTCH JOB on my car. Because of my own tight and dismal finances, they had it for 10 years. I give the awesome owners of American Mus-tang, Andy, Karen, son, Brian Jarwin, and their daughter Keri, the VERY BEST referrals, POSSIBLE for the best shop, ex-pertise with their skills, hospitality, patience, honesty, un-derstanding, and just straight up, hands DOWN, they have the best customer service of any shop anywhere. Nobody did a better job, every step of the way, than these great peo-ple. I just love them. Thank you, to all of you! You knew our past misfortunes and you were so very great with me, in light of that. Its never felt like I have apologized to you enough over the years, for not taking her to your shop, IN THE FIRST PLACE.
She was towed up to them, at American Mustang in October 2008. They worked on her as they could, as I had extra money. Andy and Karen Jarwin's son, Brian, worked on it as a project car whenever he could and had the time. I was working, but didn't have much money left each month to pay for steady progress. I went out on state disability in 2010 for bum hips, and paid them some-thing, whenever I could. I officially retired in 2016, and waited 7 months for my annuity to come through, before I could call and give the green light to GO!!
 Things happen for a reason. I truly believe that. She would've been painted royal blue, had she originally gone to American Mustang, because it would never taken so long to restore and paint her, when I had the money I did, when I took it to the 1st shop. But, in February, 2012, my dear friend, Penelope Grace Roberts, lost her battle to breast cancer. A year or two, after her death, I was attracted to a small scale, pink Mustang with Precious Moments characters in it, and the Cancer ribbons on it, symbolizing breast cancer awareness, in a magazine. I loved it. I made up my mind right then, to have my car painted that breast cancer awareness pink, rather than the royal blue, when I could get the money to start on her again. Christian Pederson, the brilliant painter and body man, worked with me on the pearl and metallic finish I wanted in the paint, and he picked her up and took her home to his shop to paint her. She was taken back to American Mustang after he was finished with her, where she sat until 2016, when I called Brian, to tell him to get ready to put her at the front burner, for completion, and in 2017, I finally got my retirement money, and she was com-pleted and delivered to me, at home, in October 2017. I hadn't driven her since July 2006, until Brian had her run-ning, and when she was ready to be on the street, I ordered her plates and re- registration business in order and took a drive to Rancho Cordova, to test drive her for the first time, since I'd driven her to "Scarlett's Body Shop" where they only tore her apart. And, yeah, I cried when I heard her roar to life with me behind her wheel, at long last. It felt so good!
 He went completely through her. over the course of those years, especially after she was painted. She's got disc brakes, and Flow-masters, new steering wheel, stereo speakers, undercarriage work, everything she needed and the brand new chrome rims and the tires which have totally finished her. Brian mounted those rims on the tires and loaded them up in his car, and drove to my house, himself, to mount on her, because he knew I'm overly nervous about driving her on the freeways, or too far from home, due to our past misfortunes over the years. How many other business' DO THAT? Brian, you are AWESOME!!
 She was once called Caballo, (Spanish for horse) from the time my dad bought this car for me. The plates read CA BA YO. After not being registered for all those years, I lost that plate, but, it was okay, because I named her "PNLPY" once she was painted pink. She's got personalized plates telling everyone who she is. I know Penny would be so very happy and proud. She is always with me, whenever and wher-ever we go as she flies with me, being the angel she is. This Mustang, has been through so very much together with me, and trust me, she was REALLY ugly, without even being a work in progress, and for such a long time, but now, her story has turned her into a beautiful tribute, a message in a color that just driving her down the street, makes so many people smile, and reach out.
 My 2 handsome and wonderful sons, Dustin and Casey Osbun, and their friend, Dale Myers, TOTALLY surprised me, with a complete detailing her, for me, this past Mother's day, to give her the mirror shine she brightly and proudly dis-plays. She also has a scrapbook that I made, that's bigger than EITHER ONE of my sons' baby books!!! I will always display it with her, and update it with photos of her, as our adventures continue, and any trophies as she wins them. People honk horns, they smile, wave, compliment me, take pictures of her, and put their thumbs up through their sun roofs. She is so beautiful now, with her total transfor-mation. I'm proud and happy to wave back to the people I pass on the street, who love her too.
 This car has been "re-born", and with a message. We BOTH survived these 47 years, turning you into a loving and moving tribute. This restoration became very personal and emotional for me, and to my family and friends, who knew and loved Penny too. She was restored and treated with TLC, by so many, in memory of YOU, Penelope Roberts. RIP and keep smiling as we keep on cruisin' , pretty lady