Chuck & Shannon Hodger's 2008 Shelby GT 500

I had been looking at the GT 500’s for a couple of years as one of my dream cars for several years. In the early part of 2017 I put together my savings and started looking seri-ously. I knew I wanted a Kona Blue, hardtop, 07-09. For several months I looked and there was nothing in the local market, and no blue - period. I started looking at Mer-cedes SL 55 AMG’s, BMW M-5&6’s, Dodge SRT8’s but they didn’t have the HP, style or resale value compared to the GT. Checking out Craigslist one night I came across a red 08 in my town, and in my price range! I called the owner up right away and made an appt. to go see it. The owner told me he was fed up with craigslist because peo-ple would call and lowball him on the price without even offering to come and look. The day came to go look and see the car, I was anxious to see it. After introducing my-self the owner took me in back to see the car, the car was flawless, only 13,000 miles, upgraded suspension, as he telling me about the car he states that there is a problem and apologizes. He decided that he did not want to sell, tosses me the keys and says have you driven one yet, take it for a spin. Well, I had not been given the opportunity to drive one yet, so I did. That drive convinced me this is what I want, but I was disappointed that I had to go back on the search again. I did find a blue several weeks later but it was out of my budget. So I made a list of available vehicles in which a worn out white convertible was on that list, and took a drive. The white one was already taken when I showed up, SO I decided to look at all dealers as I made my way to a really nice 98 Cobra that I could fix up. I never saw that Cobra and my search ended when I found my present car in the back of a hole-in-the-wall dealer. It had just been delivered from auction and a little rough, but with new paint. With a little wheeling and dealing I got my 2008 Shelby GT500, and I have been enjoying it since. By Chuck Hodgers