Bob & Kathy Loya’s 1968 GTCS Coupe

It was a cool April afternoon of 2010 when I took my then 2007 GT500 to get some “under the hood” customiz-ing in Redding. As I dropped off the GT 500, I saw this blue vehicle out from under its covers, barely exposing the rear of the car. I recognized the tail lights, hoping it was a 67 – 68 Shelby. I asked the owner if I could look at the vehicle and as he pulled off the cover, exposing the rear first and then the script “California Spe-cial” emblem.
I asked the owner if he wanted to sell, his first answer was NO. The car has been sitting in a barn for 20 plus years and was in poor condition. I noticed that the car had been painted orange with an “Earl Schibe” $59.95 paint job, according to the owner, painted the car back to blue. Why was the car painted “Frisco Orange”, I asked? Too long of a story to print. He showed me the original paperwork and I again asked if he would sell. He kinda wavered and I asked what price he was asking. He gave out a price and I gulped. I explained to him if he would repair the car for what he was asking I would be interested. He said “as is”. I said I can’t do that price, but I gave him an offer. He gruffly said no, so I gave him my phone number hoping he would change his mind. Two weeks went by and he called me asking if I was still interested. I told him I was firm on my price. He said if I would bring him CASH the deal would be done. I was on my way.
A lot of time, effort, on a “frame on restoration”, into “Dodger Blue”, including original paint color, Acapulco Blue.

A BIG thank you to Ringold Creek Mustang….. Mr. Craig Beckley.