Bob and Mari Harans 65 convertible


Bob and Mari Haran's 65 Convertible

Will this 65-mustang convertible ever be finished?
It all started, for us any way in 1993, with this great deal. We purchased an intact running 1965 mustang convertible from the estate of artist Pingkerton for Twenty Five hundred. He collected mustangs and this particular stang he used as his daily driver.
Due to the lack of money, time and /or enthusiasm this auto restoration has been an on going project in one form or another for the past thirteen years. The engine has been rebuilt, the brakes replaced, along with the ragtop, original red striped tires and interior. The current part of the project is the bodywork and a fresh coat of paint. The saying, “It’s a labor of love”, really does apply to this project.
We look forward to the day that we can say the project is complete. We can show the car proudly at the GHMC biggest little car show; join up with all the GHMC members for parades, road rally’s, and exciting events that always come up through out the year. Just as soon as this project is complete Mari’s 1965 2+2 fastback, that looks more like swiss cheese than a proud mustang, is in the coral waiting for its turn in the mustang restoration garage. But that story will have to wait for another Pony Tales car of the month
article. - Bob Haran