Bill and Judy Davis's 2012 Mustang GT 5.0

Bill & Judy Davis’s 2012 Mustang GT 5.0

January 28, 2012 was a day that should go down in the Historic Archives as one of the best days of the year. Granted it was still early in the year but yet it is a very special day. Just to provide a sense of how special it is I would like to share just a few of the many memorable events that have transpired on Jan. 28th in the past: 1917(The first municipal streetcars took to the streets of San Francisco), 1938 (The World land speed record was set by Rudolf Caraccioia), 1956 (Elvis Presley makes his first US Television appearance). The most important event of any of the above took place in the small town of Fairfield, CA. What world event could have taken place there for Pete’s sake?
So this is why that date is so significant; As it turns out my wife and I had decided to go shopping for a new car to replace the one she was currently driving. She decided that the Fairfield Ford Dealership would be a good place to start since it was close to her office and she was working that day. Meeting her at the dealership was the arranged plan of attack. So while she was test driving her prospective new car, I was left alone to wonder through the lot looking at all of the new models that were out.  You should know that I was not looking to buy or even contemplating buying two cars. However, while wondering through the lot I seemed to being pulled by some unknown force to the very back of the lot. To my surprise there sat a brand new white ( my color of choice)  Mustang GT 5.0 all decked out with several of the 302 body accessories which had been put on by the factory.
While my wife was signing the contracts for her new car, I was asking about the Mustang GT. The salesperson said that it was a special order for a customer but they decided to cancel at the last minute. Well, to shorten this part of the story, we drove out of the dealership in our two new cars.
In the 5 years I have owned the GT it has been on numerous trips and involved in multiple parades.  She has been part of the group of Mustangs that have escorted the Wounded Warrior Mustang on it travels through California and Nevada  for the past 7 years.  Having a Mustang with all of the modern conveniences like power steering, air conditioning, power seats and a much smoother ride has enabled my wife to drive this car in many of the parades while I drive my 1964.  I will admit that some of the parades during the summer months, I prefer to drive the 2012 GT myself mainly because of the air-conditioning. The most fun though is on back country roads with no other cars around.  Then and only then the all of those 425 horses under that hood are released and the true feeling of being one with the road and car come into being. Yes, it is one of the most fun cars to drive that I have ever experienced. The performance of the 5.0 motor is unmatched by most of the American Cars made during that year. 
By Bill Davis