Angie & Marlon Markle’s 2001 & 2017 Mustangs

  Before I met Marlon, I was strictly a 4x4 kinda girl. My first car was a Jeep Wrangler and my second a Ford Explorer. When I met Marlon he was driving a Ford F150. Shortly after we began dating, we moved in together, and he came home with a 2001 laser red Ford Mustang GT.
  I was mad as hell. Those who know Marlon, can attest to the fact that he’s quiet and sweet, and doesn’t like trouble, so he revved the engine, asked me to hop in, and took me to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. At some point during the drive from Arca-dia to Duarte I cooled off enough to actually enjoy the ride, and after spaghetti and meatballs and a house Chianti, Marlon had me convinced that the car was go-ing to be a lot of fun. And, oh boy it was!
  We joined the Beach Cities Mustang Club, and began modifying our car from tires and rims to a carbon fiber hood, brembo brakes, and lambo doors, to name just a few aftermar-ket modifications. We entered it into car shows and won trophies - 1st and 2nd place mostly at breathtaking venues like the Queen Mary.
  At Cops for Tots spon-sored by the Los Angeles Police Department, we were designated as most likely to get a ticket and our second place trophy was awarded by Mayor Antonio Villarai-gosa. The most amazing thing about our car was the people we encountered who shared our passion for the Ford Mustang - including Bernie Mac, who we caught up with at a liquor store in Long Beach as he was buying refreshments after playing golf in Long Beach.
  At Christmas, we delivered toys to kids at local hospitals with Courtney Hansen, everyone’s favorite garage girl, and hung out with Chad McQueen, Steve McQueen’s son, at the Queen Mary. Celebrity aside, we’d pull into a gas station, the door would go up, and we would be sur-
 Angie & Marlon Markle’s 2001 & 2017 Mustangs rounded by people asking if they could take photos of the car. At their request, Marlon even did a burn out for some film students at Cal State Long Beach. Little boys would tell us that this was their dream car, and grown men would nod their heads up and down and say, “Damn!” I was even featured in an educational magazine for being a new teacher with an interesting hobby, and got to do a photo shoot at the beach.
  Being a new high school teacher is tough, and that car made me cool. It made me approachable and relatable to kids on campus I did-n’t even have as students. We moved to northern Cali-fornia and joined the Golden Hills Mustang Club, but we ended up trading the car for a Ford Explorer and then we bought a Jeep Wrangler and a Nissan 350Z, all cool, fun cars, but none with the fanfare of the Mustang.  
  This past holiday season, we were in need of a new car so I started looking online with a strict budget in mind, and there I found a 2017 ruby red, twin-turbocharged manual transmission coupe that I just knew was perfect for us, so even though it was a dark, cold, wet night, we drove over to the dealership. Of course, we started with brand new models, but they were way out of our price range, so we ended up on the used lot and began looking around, and then just as the salesman was walk-ing towards us, we spotted the car and as soon as Mar-lon’s gaze locked on it, I knew he was a goner, so I left him there while I went inside to get some popcorn.
  As I passed the salesman, I told him, “Just let him take it for a spin and it’s a done deal.” Right now the car is stock. The only thing we've done is Weathertech it to protect it from all our puppy-dogs as best we can. And I’m back to having students tell me that I’m driving their dream car. Staring at it, the possibilities are end-less, but for now we are enjoying it as is, and we en-tered it in its first car show - The Biggest Little Car Show. The Markles are back!

By Angie Markle