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This Page is current as of Feb 8, 2019

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Just a reminder from the Membership Chairman, Norma McCabe:  It’s time to renew your Membership for 2019!
If you have already paid, thank you! If not, there are several ways that you can pay:
1. You can send  a  check for $30 to P.O. Box 497, Fairfield, CA 94533-0049 along with a completed application for our records.
2. You may also bring your application and cash or check to the next club meeting, on January 22nd
3. Or, if you have a PayPal account you can send $30 to Please email your completed and signed application to Norma at

Thank you!
Norma McCabe

  Golden Hills Mustang Club 2019 Officers and Board Members  
Dan McCabe (Vice President), Sue Calvert (Secretary), Danny Cordeiro (Board Member), Brian Evans (Treasurer), Gerald Lamphiear (Board Member), Frank Lopez (Board Member), Don Mceachern (Board Member), Isabella Schneider (Board Member), Peter Mitsopoulos (Boadr Member), Kirk Stafford (Past President) and Kathy Loya (President).

A Thank you from our Troops


From Ashley Nolan:

We received your care package and wanted to send a heartfelt (and excited!) thanks your way. We appreciate your support!!
Here is a photo of us out on the flight line between missions. I'm the female on the right.
Thank you for all you do!
Ashley Nolan

From Matthew Brown:

Mr. Banovitz,

I wanted to personally thank you for the care package the Golden Hills Mustang Club sent me.  I personally took the girl scout cookies for myself but handed out the remainder of the package to one of my
squads.  They were very thankful of the socks and magazines as entertainment runs short out here.

Please give our thanks to CrossFit Solano as well.

Again, thank you for  your support.  It is received well by me and my Platoon.

Matthew Brown
Platoon Leader

From: Josh Johnson

How's it going Sir,
Just wanted to let you know from me an my platoon that we were very grateful for the package you sent SFG Gorbet he was quick to pass out a few things to us an share the love lol. I had to acknowledge the fact you went out of your way for us. Being on the other side of the world away from family gets rough sometimes. But just small kind gestures like that make it slightly better. I really appreciated it.

Thank you,
       PV2 Johnson

From: Stewart MSgt Scott USAF 26 ERQS []
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2012 5:33 AM
Subject: Thanks again

I just received another installment of care packages from your folks.
Thanks a ton. This one was just in time as there is a shortage of razors in
the compound!

I am hoping to be out of here in the next couple of weeks- Our replacements
are about ten days late right now. I am sure the new guys here will still be
appreciative if you and your folks want to send more care packages this way.
I think this address will ensure the packages get to the right folks-

Flight Lead
FPO AE 09372

Thanks again for the care packages.

Scott Stewart, MSgt / USAF
HH-60G Flight Engineer/Gunner
FPO AE 09372


We just received your care package here at the Pedro compound. We appreciate your recognition, thanks, and the especially the Girl Scout Cookies!

From all of us here at the 26 ERQS Pedros a big thank you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Scott Stewart, MSgt / USAF

HH-60G Flight Engineer


FPO AE 09372

"That others May Live"

Thank You from the Troops