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Hello GHMC Members,
Tuesday, April 23rd  will be our next general meeting!  We will meet at the Denny’s, 304 Pittman Rd. Cordelia, CA. Come early and order dinner as we have the back room from 6:30pm – 9:30pm, the meeting will start at 7:30pm.

We will have our usual drawing and as always, prizes are greatly appreciated. We are also collecting items for the Troops and the Food Bank. Please check the expiration dates on the non-perishable items as the food bank will not accept out-of-date food and we cannot send out-of-date items to the troops.  
(See below for suggested items for the troops)
See you at the meeting!

Hello GHMC Members,
 Peggy Mathews has stepped up to chair the Raffle Committee.  We are still looking for items for the raffle, as you know this is the main source of funds for our charity.  100% of the money raised in the raffle will go to our charity the American Cancer Society, the donation will be made in memory of Judy Davis.  If you have any items to donate, please call Peggy or send her an email and let her know what you have.  You can bring the item(s) to the April general meeting, on show day or you can bring it to my shop (East Bay Classics) ahead of time if you want.  We also need volunteers to setup and staff the booth, please let Peggy know if you can help.

Robin Paulsell
Car Show Chair 

Attention Parade Enthusiasts!

Saturday May 11 at 10 am is the 147th annual Dixon May Fair Parade. We have been invited by the Dixon Chamber of Commerce to participate. Check that, we have been enthusiastically invited to participate, so much so that we have been offered complimentary tickets to the Rotary Club’s pancake breakfast (*) before the parade! They have also offered to waive the $70 entry fee!

It has been many years, almost two decades in fact, since GHMC has participated in this parade. Whatever the reason why we quit participating is not important, but it’s a new regime in charge of this parade and I’d really like to see our Club make a great showing…this year and moving forward! I participated last year transporting one of the dignitaries, Congressman Mike Thompson, and the parade in general  had a great, small town family feel to it, similar to Benicia and Vacaville, and well, I guess Fairfield too! I was impressed how Dixon residents really came out and supported this parade.

And now…what I really need…is for three convertibles (besides my own) to volunteer to transport some dignitaries. I have been asked to transport Congressman Thompson again, but they need convertibles for the following:

  1. Veteran of the Year (I’ll conduct a lottery to see who gets this privilege!)
  2. Citizen of the Year
  3. Non-profit of the Year

It made be happy to see that these aren’t politicians! (Ha!)

I will have a signup list at our next week April 23 general meeting, but I would like to start building my sign up list now and, more importantly, have a commitment for the three convertibles. It’s only fair that for the courtesies extended to our club, that I give them as much advance notice as possible if we can’t accommodate their need for convertibles.

 I’m sure there will be enough pancake tickets for all of us (approximate $10 value) , but if not, then I will use the order that I receive texts from members signing up for parade.


Brian Evans, Parade Chairman

Hello Fellow GHMC Members!

This is being sent out to gauge interest in an event at Sonoma Raceway.There will be 7 Drag events this year. They will be on;
April 10
June 26
July 10
August 7
Sept 11
October 16
GHMC is tentatively planning on attending the Sept 11 or October 16 event.

It runs from 4:00pm to 10:00pm and the fees are as follows.

Spectator fee is $20.00
Racer fee is $60.00
High School is still $20.00

I plan on going out to the track as a spectator just to check it out on May1 just to get a feel for things. Perhaps we should put out a email blast to see if anyone else is interested and we can carpool?
More Information can be found at:

The intent here is just to have a good time with fellow GHMC members and enjoy some old style drag racing with street cars. There is no expectation to set records. The only purpose is to have fun. Many have never been on a drag strip or have any real idea of how fast their car is. This will be an opportunity to check both of those boxes. No one is expected or encouraged to go out and damage their cars or do anything dangerous. Hopefully, all anyone will have is fun, a time slip, and be able to say that your car has been down the drag strip.

Please reply to this email if you are interested in being either a spectator or participant. No date has been set, yet. We are looking to see how much interest there is in doing this before putting a lot of effort into organizing it. Any car is eligible. It does not have to be a Mustang.

Remember! The purpose is to have fun #1, as either a spectator or driver. Get a timeslip #2. And #3 to be able to say, "I have driven my car on the drag strip!".

Please reply now.

Thank You!
Paul Troxell

Suggested Items for the Troops

 Air Wick stick-ups
 After shave lotion
 Baby wipes
 Beef jerky or beef sticks
 Breakfast bars, Granola bars, power bars
 Cheese spread (no spray cans)
 Chips (in cans)
 Condiments (non-glass bottles)
 Disposable cameras
 Dixie cups
 DVD's (not violent movies)
 Eye drops
 Eyeglass cleaner wipes
 Flavor packets for water (ice tea, etc.)
 Foot powder
 Gel insoles
 Hard candy (not chocolate as it melts)
 Instant coffee
 Instant meals in a package:
 i.e.; cup of noodles, soups, pop tarts, etc.
 Lip balm
 Long distance calling cards

 Paperback books (not violent ones)
 Peanut butter & jelly (non-glass jars)
 Pens/Paper and envelopes
 Pocket electronic games
 Potted meats
 Shaving cream
 Small battery operated fan or light
 Small board games
 Small sewing kit
 Sunflower seeds
 Tea bags
 Toilet paper
 Toothbrushes and toothpaste
 Tuna (small easy open can or soft package)
 Vicks Vapo-Rub
Keep in mind that items must fit in a 12” x 12” x 5 ½” Box

A Thank you from our Troops


From Ashley Nolan:

We received your care package and wanted to send a heartfelt (and excited!) thanks your way. We appreciate your support!!
Here is a photo of us out on the flight line between missions. I'm the female on the right.
Thank you for all you do!
Ashley Nolan

From Matthew Brown:

Mr. Banovitz,

I wanted to personally thank you for the care package the Golden Hills Mustang Club sent me.  I personally took the girl scout cookies for myself but handed out the remainder of the package to one of my
squads.  They were very thankful of the socks and magazines as entertainment runs short out here.

Please give our thanks to CrossFit Solano as well.

Again, thank you for  your support.  It is received well by me and my Platoon.

Matthew Brown
Platoon Leader

From: Josh Johnson

How's it going Sir,
Just wanted to let you know from me an my platoon that we were very grateful for the package you sent SFG Gorbet he was quick to pass out a few things to us an share the love lol. I had to acknowledge the fact you went out of your way for us. Being on the other side of the world away from family gets rough sometimes. But just small kind gestures like that make it slightly better. I really appreciated it.

Thank you,
       PV2 Johnson

From: Stewart MSgt Scott USAF 26 ERQS []
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2012 5:33 AM
Subject: Thanks again

I just received another installment of care packages from your folks.
Thanks a ton. This one was just in time as there is a shortage of razors in
the compound!

I am hoping to be out of here in the next couple of weeks- Our replacements
are about ten days late right now. I am sure the new guys here will still be
appreciative if you and your folks want to send more care packages this way.
I think this address will ensure the packages get to the right folks-

Flight Lead
FPO AE 09372

Thanks again for the care packages.

Scott Stewart, MSgt / USAF
HH-60G Flight Engineer/Gunner
FPO AE 09372


We just received your care package here at the Pedro compound. We appreciate your recognition, thanks, and the especially the Girl Scout Cookies!

From all of us here at the 26 ERQS Pedros a big thank you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Scott Stewart, MSgt / USAF

HH-60G Flight Engineer


FPO AE 09372

"That others May Live"

Thank You from the Troops